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PS4 June 20, 2015. E3 2015: The Biggest Winners And Losers From This Years Show. We look back on E3 2015 to see who came out ahead and who fell way behind in the race for video game supremacy. The Last Guardian for PS4 was finally revealed during todays Sony E3 2015 press conference.A gameplay trailer showcased a new level that required the character and guardian to work together in order to progress. The game is slated for a released date in 2016. Frequently Asked Questions. Official Thread Schedule. Subreddit Wiki ( Games). Twitter Account: RedditPS. PS4 Community: "RedditPS".PlayStation Blog Streams. 2015. Wikis. General Threads. Sony at E3 2015 PS4 Games at E3 2015. Sony has also been dropping a few teasers for its E3 2015 announcements, but not surrounding upcoming PS4 titles. Instead, Sony has confirmed well be seeing the first Project Morpheus virtual reality games at E3 this year. Here are our highlights from the Sony E3 conference and the PS4 games that will be coming soon as a resultWhat stands out most about the title is just how different it looks to anything else thats been revealed at E3 2015. The Best PS4 Games For an Ultra Scary Halloween. June 13, 2015.The Best PS4 Accessories: Take Your Gaming Experience To The Next Level.

December 9, 2017. The Top 10 PS4 Travel Cases. The PS4 is gaining steam. If any of these predictions come to fruition, Sonys current-gen console will be event stronger. Read More From Heavy. E3 2015 Games: All Rumored Confirmed Games List.

By Daniel Contreras / Saturday, 20 Jun 2015 05:45AM.After the event ended on Thursday, here are the Xbox and PS4 games that made the best impression and will have gamers eagerly awaiting their release in the months to come. Which games are you most looking forward to at E3 2015?Review: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (PS4). Its all in the grind. Guide: The Best PS4 RPGs. Roll the dice. Unbelievable Breaking News: The Battlefield 2018 Reveal Trailer Is Underway. Sony Bends PS4 Exclusive Game Demo/Teaser Trailer.Indie games have a big role in shaping the PlayStation 4 lineup. Four of them will possibly be protagonists of E3 2015, with new trailers released and their street date finally unveiled. The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015, commonly known as E3 2015, was the 21st Electronic Entertainment Expo held. The event took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. It began on June 16, 2015, and ended on June 18, 2015, with 52,200 total attendees. It must be noted that this list is not official confirmation that all of these games will be showcased at E3 2015 but given that this information is coming directly from the official site, its safe to assume that this is more or less the final list. E3 2015 is kicking off the week of June 14 with press conferences from E3 regulars like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but this time newcomers like Bethesda, and the PC gaming show are taking to the stage as well. Remember that new Vanillaware PS4/PS Vita game with mechs and stuff? From like 2015? Well, Atlus is localizing that too. Over the last week, weve gotten a look at what the future of the PS4 will hold as multiple publishers have announced their brand new PS4 offerings for 2015. Games we can expect include Final Fantasy 7, Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian may have stolen the show at Sonys E3 2015 press conference, but among the fan-pleasing nostalgic announcements was a brand new game from Killzone creators Guerrilla Games Firewatch - E3 2015 | PS4 - YouTube. Video embedded May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.Firewatch - Triler E3 2015 - PS4 - Dailymotion Games. Dreams PS4 Gameplay Paris Games Week 2015 - Продолжительность: 10:07 PS4 Dreams 17 339 просмотров.Playstation E3 2015 Moment: Dreams | PS4 - Продолжительность: 5:46 PlayStation 41 243 просмотра. The PlayStation E3 Experience 2015 offers fans a way to enjoy the gaming event via theaters all over the U.S. Photo: Sony/PlayStation Blog. Sony is ready for the E3 2015, and it wants as many fans to witness the event as possible. There are a lot of fantastic looking PlayStation 4 games in the works. Here are 10 games that we think might steal the show at PS4 games E3 2015!We hope you enjoyed our look at what PlayStation 4 games to look forward to at E3 2015. Author of the Video: ChampChong . PS4 Slim Xbox One Slim at E3 2015?? ( Gaming News E3 Predictions) Video Games Online.

Home All News PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy VII E3 2015 Trailer | PS4.I am a full time editor at VGFaq and a YouTube creator specialized in stealth games. I love collecting video games, playing the latest releases and helping our YouTube fans. It says a lot about the current state of gaming when The Witcher 3 stands out not just because its good, but because it shipped without some frustrating online component that made the game a burden to run on launch day. Yet, as we head into E3 2015 it appears the Xbox One vs PS4 debate will once again Sony is second to show off its latest wares at E3 2015. Following Microsofts impressive lineup of first and third party games coming to Xbox One this year and beyond, was Sony about to keep up and keep the hits coming? That said, the upcoming PS4 games 2017 perfectly mirror the knockout attitude of Sonys gaming console. First released on 3 December 1994, PlayStation went on to redefine interactive gaming over the next two decades.That was until E3 2015 when the game returned. A mighty fine time for the PS4. Sonys been on a run of crowd-pleasing press conferences for awhile now, and E3 is where the PlayStation tends to shine. 2015 may be a bit on the sparse side for Sony due to Uncharted 4s delay Rabi Laby: Puzzle Out Stories coming to PS4, Aksys Games and Bokujou Monogatari creator YaLevel-5 will announce a new PlayStation 4 title at E3 2015, company boss Akihiro Hino confirmed during a White Knight Chronicles II live stream this morning. Lights hath may cattle first had blessed god bearing bearing. July 16, 2015. 0. Game Trailers. LIVE HORIZON ZERO DAWN BORA CONTINUAR parte2 PS4 WILL GAMES . A bounty? On me? New cinematic trailer for Adrift on PS4 !PS4 Adr1ft Trailer [E3 2015]. Subscribe now to get the best PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation 4 ( PS4) and Playstation Games trailers and gameplay videos ! The Best PS4 Games (2017 - 2018). Comments. PS4 - Dead Island 2 Extended Trailer [ E3 2014]. GameNews PlayStation. Assassins Creed 4 PS4 Trailer (HD).PS4 - Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay [E3 2015]. Завершается вечер Е3 по старинке - конференцией от компании Sony. Tue 9 Jun 2015 05.22 EDT Last modified on Tue 12 Dec 2017 06.37 EST. Fallout 4 (Bethesda, PC, PS4, Xbox One).XCOM 2 (2K Games, PC, Mac, Linux). The classic turn-based strategy series was wonderfully rebooted in 2012 and now its back for more tactical ET-bashing. Sonys E3 2015 press conference was arguably the best one in history as it announced three games that people never thought would see the light of day.Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End showed how good graphics can be on a normal PS 4 console, so what will games look like on a Neo? GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community. Home Forums PC, Console Handheld Discussions Sony PlayStation 4 Discussions PS4 - Games Content. PS4 E3 2015 - Games You May Have Missed. Your PlayStation Plus games for March are Bloodborne and Ratchet Clank. Everything you need to know about this weekends Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker PS4 open beta. Little Nightmares creators answer your questions about the latest expansion to its PS4 puzzle horror. E3 2015. They had a terrific showing at their very own PlayStation Experience celebration, which was kind of like attending an E3 about Sonys gaming systems. With E3 2015 planning our way, Sony is likely getting prepped to drop a few more bombshells about whats next available for the PS4. Home. News. Current: PS4 vs Xbox One E3 2015 comparison.Games. The last quarter of 2015 and leading into 2016 is truly shaping up to be an exciting time for gamers. Both Sony and Microsoft have certainly delivered in terms of game reveals and exclusive content. At least PS4 owners had a game to point to when comparing the consoles power to the Xbox One. Uncharted fans did get something to keep them going, though, in the shape of the Nathan Drake Collection.Here are the best PS4 games released in 2015. Pubblicato 6 ottobre 2015 | Da Karlo XtremeGaming.Telltale Games on PlayStation Now Subscription. ONE PIECE Burning Blood Marineford Story Trailer ( PS4 / Xbox One). It will be resurrected for the PS4 in 2016. The company highlighted games that feel more creative and less commercial, such as Dreams and No Mans Sky.Follow all the latest news from E3 2015 on CNET and GameSpot. We are approaching the middle of the month, so it is again time to start thinking about what Sony plans to offer as the PS Plus June 2015 free games on PS4 and PS3. Next month is going to be extra special dont forget Sonys PS4 Slim rumored for the E3 2015 convention.The PS4 Slim will allegedly feature improved hardware and refined looks to further expand its player base and offer players a better gaming experience. Microsoft had some amazing announcements at E3 2015 on Monday, including hot new games coming to the Xbox One, but that doesnt mean Sony wasnt ready to step up to the plate. E3 2015 games Two words: Uncharted 4. Ive seen both the gameplay demos of Uncharted 4 that series developer Naughty Dog has unveiled and I cant stop thinking about going on that one last adventure with Nathan Drake and Sully. Sonys upcoming Project Morpheus VR headset for PlayStation 4 may not have been granted a price or specific release date at E3 2015 - the slate still says first half of 2016 - but its roster of potential games is being bolstered considerably by the day. PlayStation 4 (PS4) Games, Reviews, News, Wikis Cheats / June 16, 2015.Sony explains the PS4 Media Player works with both home servers and via USB. Supported file formats and codecs are listed below. The game will be made in collaboration with Platinum games exclusively for the PS4.There is no release date for Nier yet, but more info on the game is coming in Fall 2015. You can see the trailer for Nier below. E3 2015 Games List. Here is the schedule that you need to know about regarding the all-important E3 2015 Press Conferences (where the real news is made!): June 11th: Oculus Rift Press Conference (OVER!) The PS4 has had a disappointing line-up of games since its launch, though Sony is likely looking to change that starting at E3. by Paul TamburroJun 2nd, 2015. The PS4 has been a disappointing console thus far in terms of its lack of software 1 of 4. Sony Announced Games. The Last Guardian: Sony opened their show with the reconfirmation of The Last Guardians existence, a title revealed for the PS3 in 2009 and rumored to be canceled outright. We were treated to the first ever gameplay footage on PS4, as well as a 2016 release window.

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