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Nine months in hell: A Naruto MPREG fanfiction. I got bored and decided why not. Next time I record one of these I promise I will have the audio with Sasuke a bit louder.Naruto becomes a Chunin!!!!!? Naruto is targeted by a cult that wants to destroy all bloodlines but he has become cold and detached, no one knows why can new friends help?Hiashi, disappointed that Hinata failed the Chnin exams deciding to give her one last chance to redeem herself and has her spar with Hanabi. See all episodes of Naruto Series free online on naruto-tube. Only new episodes in good quality. HD Naruto subbed and dubbed.Naruto Shippuden: 395 (English Dubbed) The Chunin Exams Begin. Narutos Best Fanfiction. Adoption: For Want of a Clone - Chapter 1.Naruto squinted seemingly trying to make sense of the reaction, but the chunin was already plucking a leaf off a nearby bush and hurrying over. NarutoFanFictionGaaraandMatsuri Naruto FanFiction Gaara and Naruto Chunin Exams Sasuke Vs Gaara Gaara first appears in the. Pics Photos - Gaara Of Naruto. Entertainment Cartoons Anime Gaara Naruto Fictional Character. My Own Naruto Character ( FanFiction of Naruto ).We participate in the The Chunin Exam meeting naruto , sasuke , rock lee , kiba , gaara and the others for the first time . (2). (2) The 3 Chunnin Exams Stage 1- written test. This is an AU fic where Uchiha and Senju are alive. It will be the best Naruto fanfic EVER! Sasuke just has too much to lose, Naruto got nothing to loseNaruto Becomes Madara Uchiha Fanfiction. You know that he would do everything for- I dont care!, the young chunin interrupted him with furious, fierce eyes.But Naruto goes back in time and becomes a student under Minato.sasusaku sasusaku fanfic naruto fanfiction sasuke uchiha sakura haruno my fic K LISTEN MY Naruto didnt become chnin in first chnin exam, he missed the second chnin exam due to his training with Jiraiya. There is third chnin exam mentioned in an OVA: Chnin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru! Naruto fanfiction nine tails fury.

Naruto becomes separated from his team and is attacked and swallowed by a giant snake. He manages to kill it and regroups with his frightened teammates against Orochimaru. Neglected (Naruto Fanfiction). AyakoHayashi. Summary: What if Minato and Kushina survived?At the age of 5, Naruto graduated from the academy and neither of his parents noticed. He became a chunin a few months later, and a joinin half a year later. Image Result For Sakura Becomes Chunin. Hinata Vs Neji Tumblr.

While creating the character, Kishimoto has admitted that he had little perception of what an .Sakurademonalchemist is a fanfiction author that has written stories for Sailor Moon, Naruto, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Bleach, Fullmetal Develop a quiz. My tests. Write fanfiction.Hinata. 4. Who out of the rookie nine became chunin? Shikamaru. Naruto. Shino. Choji. Naruto Fanfiction Fan fiction Article. 2 fans. Somewhere In Time- Ch 1.I couldnt take my eyes off of her. I had become frozen in time, and her body was now existence.Sakura must have stolen it to save Sasuke. I bet she was going to stop us from taking the chunin exams. Chunin Exam Answers Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto.The current Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, and the Kazegage Gaara are very good friends. Gaara is the fifth Kazekage, What number is Naruto? (Naruto Fanfiction). Фанфик.Then Naruto asked n-neh you think well make it through the chnin exams?I began to become sad in that thought Naruto noticed my sadness and started to panicked apologizing over and over until I shook my head indicating it wasnt because of the however in an OVA episode (original video animation Off manga),Naruto does take part in chunin exams with konohamaru but ends up loosing from him and does not become a chunin. Forums Creative Forums User Fiction. Action Team Shintaro (Naruto Fanfiction).He did not think that his nephew would grow old and become a ninja bend on revenge against Kirigakure."Holy mothering shit, I fought three chunin and lived!" He stared at Taiga happily without a care in the world. NarutoFanFictionGaaraandMatsuri Naruto FanFiction Gaara and Naruto Chunin Exams Sasuke Vs Gaara Gaara first appears in the. Pics Photos - Gaara Of Naruto. Entertainment Cartoons Anime Gaara Naruto Fictional Character. Tags:Crimson Bliss Chapter 1 a naruto fanfic FanFiction,Interrogation Uzumaki Style a naruto fanfic FanFiction,Naruto amp Tayuya Chapter 1 a naruto fanfic FanFiction,An Unusual Couple Chapter 1 Tayuyas View a naruto,Naruto and kushina lemon fanfiction mvapynoipme,Chapter 4 The Chunin FanFiction | unleash your imagination. Browse."I, Kakashi Hatake, sensei of Team Seven hereby recommend all three of my genin, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki ready for the Chunin Exams."As shinobi trying to become Chunin, be proud on to the final rule In other words, do you want to try to answer questions 10, was question 10. Fun Fact: When Naruto was taking the written test, he didnt writeAll participants along with their instructors watch the fights. You lose if you give up, die, become unconscious, or are unable to continue for some other reason. The last Uzumaki Descendant Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic What if Kaguya had not two kids but had a secret third son.( Time skip to the chunin exam finals) Naruto sensei abandons him to train Sasuke for the finalsnaruto becomes carnage fanfiction. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Romance - [Naruto U Hinata H.] [Jiraiya, Tsunade S.

] - Chapters: 44 - Words: 390,705 - Reviews: 1,493 - Favs: 1,717 - Follows: 2,092Finally, enjoy the two final matches of the Chunin Exam Finals: Chapter 30: Fight to become a Chunin, Part IV. A lot of people become fans from the first episode.After proving their persistence, Naruto and his friends are allowed to pass the Chunin Selection Exam, theOur service is created by fans and for fans we are happy to offer you a chance to immerse yourself into the fascinating world of fanfiction. Im looking for two fanfictions or maybe they are the same one I cant remember, but in the first one Naruto is blind and no-one knows and in a part och the churning exams teamLooking for an OC Naruto fanfic and I cant find it. Its about minatos oc little sister who is in a relationship with kakashi. Chapter 1: Pain was a pain!. After the huge battle with Pain, Tsunade realizes something about Naruto. Shizune, is Naruto still a Genin?. Shizune, thinking back, Yeah, Naruto is still a Genin. He never took the Chunin Exam before he left.. General. Doujin Projects. Tripping Over Tails - A Naruto Fanfiction.Before he could become such a vaunted figure, however, he had to graduate from being a simple trainee in theThe chunin wheezed, but continued on, loud and clear, Hes a proud member of Konoha, just as willing to die for it as I am! Naruto was dying to ask his sensei about the chunin exams and perhaps persuade - or in his case black mail- him with his Icha- Icha Paradise books to consider him entering the exams.Wanna read and discuss more on Fan Fiction? - Beyond the Eternal NC-17 Uzumaki Naruto Uchiha Sasuke Supernatural, Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Humor, AU Born with untapped powers beyond his imagination, Uchiha Sasuke has become a target for spirit warrior clans who wish to claim him.One shot, smut fic. Naruto time travel fanfiction. Rated: Fiction T.How Naruto Became the Sixth Hokage at Age Sixteen.OR: Naruto inadvertently trains his younger self for the Chunin exam, and therein learns a lot more about himself than he ever really wanted to. Naruto tells Hinata fine you deserve the best. Naruto all of a sudden see a beautiful chunin with long pink hair.Assuming that she became the wonderful in wrestling, youthful Hikari challenged Kei to aCan anyone recommend some sasuke/sakura or naruto/hinata or even naruto/sakura fanfiction? Unless Im mistaken, Naruto is about 12 years old at that point in the anime, which would make Kakashi 6 years old when he became a chunin. Seriously? I recall the Itachi flashbacks and one of the Uchihas said Itachi was the pride of the family and he became a chunin at like 10 He strives to become stronger than any shinobi that ever lived. Naruto,Kakashi,Sasuke and Sakura are not thought up by me all credit goes to Kishimoto, Masashi, et al.Lean on Me (Naruto Fanfiction). FanFiction | unleash your imagination. Browse."Oh shi-!" "But if I cant become Chunin, no one can!" And the arena exploded in a wave of red. Several weeks later, Naruto would thoroughly look back on the topic and be ashamed of himself Naruto Sasukes Life If Minato and Kushina Were Alive [60FPS] - Naruto Shippuden - English Subbed - Продолжительность: 10:22 Nagato Uzumaki 82 360 просмотров. Naruto could finally no longer contain his laughter and began rolling on the grass. A Family of Foxes Snakes: Rewind! Chapter 35, a naruto fanfic.The Many Minds of Namikaze Naruto. Ordinary Event With Extraordinary Consequences Chapter 17: The Chunin Exams Begin, a naruto fanfic. Low Kage - (current base Naruto W/Giant Rasengan) Mid Kage - ??? High Kage - After he became a sage (Yes, Ichunin - skip. i believe at the end of part1 naruto was somewhat between chunin genin. his chakra shroud with 1tailwould be at least chunin level but thats purely becuz of his anger. Naruto Chunin. A-Z Keywords. We have many A-Z keywords for this term. naruto chunin exam family fanfiction naruto chunin exams fem sasuke fanfiction naruto chunin exams family returns fanfiction. Our Little Secrets by Royal Rose Fanfiction. 18.7K 769 19. Chunin Exams are coming, and Team 7 had been Join the chronicles of female Naruto Uzumaki as she becomes a Kunoichi.What does her FATE give her?Loving a red haired Suna nin?Being the jinchuriki of the nin Naruto Becomes Chunin Keywords. Naruto Jounin 1 Ranked Keyword.Lost - Naruto FanFic - The Chunin Exams - Wattpad. Chapter 13 Fallen Kage (Gaara love story). LevelUp. Synopsis: Naruto faces off against his old pupil Konohamaru in a tournament during the chuunin entrance exams.Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Sub) Ep.46. Shounen Ashibe: Go! Страница чтения фанфика/книги Black Heaven: Narutos Legacy Naruto, Sasuke (Black Suit with Chidori), Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji Lee, Neji, Tenten Kiba, Hinata, Shino Dosu, Zaku, Kin Gaara, Kankuro, Temari. Second Scenario: Sonic Heroes have their feats up to Sonic Generations Naruto Fanfiction. Works In Progress.WIP - Gaara/Sakura - "Chunin Exam Inside the depths of the Forest Of Death, Sakura is unwillingly rescued not by the Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha, but by a certain redhead sand ninja". Lost - Naruto FanFic. My Nightmare Begins. The Start of My Suffering.My Dream. Hot New Rivals. The Chunin Exams. Proctors are Annoying. Any Naruto fanfiction focused without romantic orientation, on a canon character in the current Naruto Universe.Summary: What if during the second part of Chunin Exams when Orochimaru Team 7 fought, Itachi Kisame interferred. Fan Fic / Chunin Exam Day. Edit Locked.It then becomes quite good after Naruto learns more about chakra control, making him just as efficient with its usage while increasing his reserves massively, and it becomes a bloodline that enables his wives to keep their memories of these loops. Fem Naruto and Gaara Fanfiction chunin exam Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction This is a Gaara and Naruto fanfic female Naruto. Narutos powers from the nine tails fox will not be the same they will be a bit like Gaaras. But i was wonderig since naruto has mastered an s-rank jutsu (aka rasenshuriken) Why the fuck do they not make him chunin yet?Its just that you need to participate at the chunin exam to become chunin.

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