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Special keys are coded by their names: "Enter", "Backspace", "Tab" etc.And theres no way to stop it by preventing the default action in JavaScript.We should use two handlers: document.onkeydown and document.onkeyup. Tags : detecting ctrl tab key press javascript jQuery.hi everyone, How to detect whether a control key is pressed and released from the keyboard? " onkeydown" iam invoking the following function.and updating the flag "cntrlkeypressed" to true and false accordingly. onkeydown"detectCTRLKey javascript onkeydown keycode enter. keyCode e.which keychar String.fromCharCode(keynum) alert(keynum keychar) input type text onkeydown return noNumbers(event) JavaScript OnKeyDown Test For Enter. Javascript onkeydown enter key. JSON and JavaScript Tips and Tricks. pressKey(keyName) press a function key or enter pui The JavaScript code that runs in a given onkeydown run when the widget has focus and the Javascript/Jquery snippet to disable keyboard keys on a webpage. You can also allow a particular key like enter key and disable the rest.