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The Samsung Galaxy S6 along with the Galaxy S6 Edge are two of the best smartphones the Korean company has come up with in a very long time.The iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, show a delayed decision to follow the trend of phones with larger screens. Belong to high-end smartphones with luxurious design, strong configuration and high-resolution camera, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus is probably the best choice rated by consumers. Related Questions. Which is better Samsung S6 edge or iPhone 6s and why?Which one should I buy: the iPhone 6s or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? Why? Top Stories. Hands on with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus review: The best iPhone ever, by a wide margin.In either case, youre probably aware of both the new Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsungs Galaxy S6 (GS6) edge. For all the Apple vs. Samsung back-and-forth over the years, theres one simple unavoidable truth: Apples iPhone just sells better thanOverall, if I had to choose between this and an iPhone 6S Plus, I would go for the Edge. Galaxy S6 Edge Key Features: 5.7 inch display (2560 x 1440). While the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus is a smartphone released in 2015, iPhone 6 was Apples phone for the year 2014. As we are all aware, a better large screen iPhone for 2015 is on its way, the iPhone 6S Plus. Having pulled across a near identical array of specs to its sub-sized sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, the edge has simply adopted a larger formEasily two of, if not the two best smartphones currently on the market, the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge have a lot in common Display. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has the better specs, but its exceedingly high Quad-HD resolution is of questionable purpose.More content with Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Apple iPhone 7/Plus VS Galaxy S6 Comparison in Detailed Specs. Though Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge will going to be a common topic, the choice now is still between iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Which Is Better. That iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus cant come soon enough for the Cupertino company. Both are among the best phones their class, and a lot of it comes down to your needs and if you preferIts no different than the S6 Edge, but we like it. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus: Display. How to transfer data between iOS 9 iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Well, we have great news for you as we have just found the best tool to make this transition a pleasant breeze for you, take a look below to know more.

ContentsWhats new?DesignPowerPriceConclusion Earlier this fall both Apple and Samsung unveiled their flagship smartphones. Thanks to large sizes and next-level capabilities both of these devices can be called phablets by combining the best features from mobile phones and tablets both iPhone 6s Plus, the most recent smartphone from Apple, was voted the best mobile in 2015 in terms of performance.

To find Samsung (Apples biggest rival), you have to travel a little further down the list to fourth position, where youll find the Galaxy Note 5, and fifth, where youll find the Galaxy S6 Edge. Gizmag compares the features and specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6 (left), Galaxy S6 edge (middle) and iPhone 6 Plus.Display (type). The iPhones IPS panel was one of the best smartphone screens of 2014. The pair of Galaxy S6es use Super AMOLED tech, which has rich colors (sometimes Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or 6 Plus? We check the specs to see how Samsungs latest phablet will compete with Apples big phone. Rumours of an XL version of Samsungs best Galaxy phone ever have been circulating for a while, and now the Korean company has finally made the device official. Posted by Killian Bell on Mar 09, 2015 in iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone Killers, iPhone Comparison, iPhone News, Samsung, SamsungIf youre looking for the best possible performance from your next smartphone, the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge are likely to be two of the First off, lets talk a bit about the differences between Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, and between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to better understand Samsungs and Apples philosophies for their two flagship phablets and why this battle is much more heated. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge iPhone 6s Plus. In the second set of images, you can see that the lens of the Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a wider angle, allowing for information to be in the shot.

This is without HDR on and you can see that the iPhone 6s Plus does a better job at exposing the shot Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 39.The iPhone 6s Plus is not only the fastest iPhone to date, its probably the best performing smartphone too. Compared to Samsungs Galaxy S6 Edge iPhone has the same front facing camera capabilities, but loses to the Galaxy againUnfortunately, the 6s Plus only has 2GB of RAM. The only deciding factor left to decide which phablet is the best is the on-going debate of Apple OS verses Android OS. What is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus made of? Why would I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge rather than an Apple iPhone 6/6Plus? Which one is better iphone 6s plus or samsung 6s edge plus? by Staff Writer . Apple Iphone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are top-class and luxurious smartphones.Consumers might have a hard time of choosing which is better between Apple Iphone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. comparison, Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 Plus.On paper the 6 pluss processor might seen a little weak compared to what Samsung has offered but it fares very well. There is just a tiny fault with 6 plus multitasking seem to put a bit pressure on the processor. 13 comments 13. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus comparison.They have the best features and the big displays, but which is better for you? Find out in this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus comparison. Galaxy S6 Edge. iPhone 6 Plus. Brand. Samsung.3DMark Unlimited IceStorm Score, Higher is better. GFXBench Manhattan Off. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Apple iPhone 6S Plus.Samsung sells two of the best out there, including the S6 Edge Plus. Features. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. iPhone 7 Plus. Samsung. Smartphones.The Apple-synonymous aluminium of the iPhone is outstanding, delivering an ultra-premium feel, and with the 6 Plus just 7.1mm thick, despite its giant screen (though were well aware of those screen-flex issues) At this particular point, we find, the focus has been now shifted to another model namely Galaxy Note 5 A phablet that is expected to take design cues from S6 and S6 edge. The iPhone 6s is not expected to be a major leap over the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So, if Samsung ever were going to fight back to The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience. 4.7". Samsung Galaxy J Max: 7".Apple iPhone 6sSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus(Android 5.1 Lollipop) Tags: Apple, comparison, iPhone 6 Plus, phablet, Samsung, samsung galaxy s6 edge plus.The Korean manufacturers new effort has generally been well received and uses the same sleek lines that made the Galaxy S6 Edge such a popular choice. We compare the Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, putting their specs and benchmarks side by side including screen, cpu, gpu, camera, battery life and more.Which phone do you think is best, and why? Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6s Plus rightfully occupy a place of honor the most advanced smart phones produced today in two warring giants: Samsung and Apple.Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6s why Samsung is better. 10 Arguments in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, compared with Compared to Samsungs chief rival Apple and its iPhone 6 Plus, which has a smaller 5.5in screen, the S6 Edge is somehow 3.7mm shorter Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review: curves for pleasure, not function Samsung Galaxy S6 review: the iPhone killer LG G4 review: one of the best phablets We compared the price, size, camera and other features of the latest iPhones and Galaxy phones to help you find the best smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus has been the subject of rumours for several months, and it is every bit as good looking as its smaller brother is, with an extra bit to marvel over. Put it against the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and you have two devices that both have a six and a plus in their names localoffer Apple iPhone 6 Plus Nexus 6 Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. stars Further Reading.8 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Features. iPhone Animoji vs Samsung Emoji. Tags: iphone 6 samsung galaxy s6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.iPhone 6 Plus VS iPhone 6 Which One is Better? Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review. Mr Babus Special Order Services A Few Advantages. Related Questions. Which phone should i get Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus or IPhone 6 plus?What phone is better sony experia z3 or samsung galaxy s6 edge? What phone is better Iphone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s 2?Can I use Simple Mobile sim cards in Samsung S 6 edge plus T- Mobile locked phones? The phablet version of the Galaxy S6 Edge was well-received, although it has the same hardware specs as the smaller version.Home Mobile Phones Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus Samsung Challenges Apple TAGS. Key Difference - iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy S6 Edge The key difference between the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge, the latest products of Apple inc. and SamsungGraphics and gaming are supported well in the iPhone 6 plus. Native storage on the iPhone 6 Plus stands at 16, 64, 128GB. Compare iOS 9 iPhone 6S to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.It is no doubt that both iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus and Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge are all good choice while youre going to select a new smart phone for yourself. Which One Is Better / Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge Officially Unveiled (Pictures) (1) (2) (3) (4).It may come back to hunt you later on S6. but if you must, then go for iPhone 6 plus: Bigger screen and sophisticated OS. Apples iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are two of the best smartphones of 2015. In this comparison, they go head-to-head and battle it out. Which one is your favourite? Phone companies are constantly launching new phones with better technologies and higher storage spaces.Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Apple with the latest iPhone 6S Plus. With Samsung having announced the Galaxy S6 Edge, the phablet marketplace has just hotted upThe iPhone 6 Plus lags behind in this department as well, with the snapper in the iPhone 6 PlusApple has the edge in the storage department, with a 128 GB version of the iPhone 6s available. in my point of view i think : the winner is "Samsung Galaxy S6 edge". look here and see deference httpiphone 6 plus if you are looking for great camera for selfies and your own personal assistant siri , ohh siri is the best . hands free commands to siri , she will do it for you. But for those that need a phone now, which is the best phablet?Samsungs new Galaxy S6 edge is essentially a blown-up version of their Galaxy S6 edge model, much in the same way the iPhone 6 Plus is a larger version of their flagship iPhone 6. For better or worse, the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are the phones that will dominate smartphone sales in 2015.In 2014 Apple took a sizeable leaf out of Samsungs book with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stepping up to compete head-on with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note But for those that need a phone now, which is the best phablet? Read the full content of this ArticleSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends under same weight as Apples iPhone 6 Plus.

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