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You can also log in using a custom subdomain that redirects to your webmail URL.On the next page, enter your email address password and click Login.Go back to your control panel and click Domains > Subdomains from the main menu.Instructions for restting your Email Accounts Password through cPanel or Webmail. LOGIN.Another use is to redirect visitors from old pages on a web site to newer, updated web pages. You can use cPanel to redirect multiple web pages, and you can specify whether redirections are temporary or permanent. Home Control Panels cPanel cPanel: How to Login.If your login attempts fail after you have successfully navigated to the cPanel login page, please reset your password and try againYou should be redirected to (Ive edited your actual domain in your post, for privacy) The login page loads, you enter your creds, and it just brings you right back to the login page, no errors. Weve tried entering an invalid password, and then we do get an error message, so its checking something. 1) Login to cPanel. 2) In the Domains section click on the Redirects icon.Click the blue Remove Redirect button to do so. Thats it! To return to the main redirect page, click the Go Back link. To configure a redirect in cPanel, login to your cPanel account and click on the redirect option under the Domains heading. Once youre on the Redirects page, you can fill in the form under Add Redirect to add a redirect or modify existing redirects under the Current Redirects section. I believe cpanel does automatically add a webmail subdomain that allows users to login.I can see that youre trying to redirect users to the SSL-secured versions of the login pages, you can try any of the following solutions Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page.

This way, you can make a page with a long URL accessible by a page which has a shorter and easier to remember URL. This redirects us back to the login page once the user logs out. Now if you switch over to your browser and try logging out, you should be redirected to the login page. You might have noticed while testing this flow that since the login call has a bit of a delay Control Panel (cPanel/WHM). How do I redirect a subdomain to another page using cPanel/WHM? January 21, 2015. Log into the cPanel account for the domain on which the subdomain you would like to redirect currently resides. It authenticates your login information, but these cookies can cause a myriad of issues at times, including redirecting you back to the login page.If your host uses cPanel, use the login credentials you use to access cPanel. Open the Transfer Settings tab. Adding a redirect from cPanel comes in handy if you need to change the way your domains lead to your pages. For example, if you started out with one page leading to one place and you wanted to change it to another, you would simply need to follow these steps. But to redirect you back to the referring page, not a static page?In the sidebar is the Meta/Login widget which takes you to the wp-login.php page when you click Log In.

Once logged in on the wp-login.php page, it returns the visitor to the Homepage always, as opposed to the post they were Stop your cpanel account redirecting to the cgi-sys defaultwebpage.cgi page. A quick one minute solution.Client Login.

Monday, 31 December 2012 11:16. cPanel redirecting to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi.back to top. Now that you are back at the Subdomains page in your cPanel you can setup the redirect on the subdomain that you have created.Once you figure out how to login the rest is explained above . if theres a valid referrer, and its not the default log-in screen. if ( !empty(referrer) !strstr(referrer,wp- login) !strstr(referrer,wp-admin) ) .Yes, just replace homeurl() with the URL of the page youd like to redirect to, or use the getpermalink() function. Login Sign up.Check ticket status. Solution home Hosting Control Panel cPanel.Setting up a web page redirect is really easy. The simplest way would be to just to do it through your cPanel. Back to the .htaccess file that the Cpanel modified I have found that the redirecting code is inserted after my friendly URL codeYour solution here has saved me. I was literally vacillating at why only my home page redirects and nothing else. Another type of login error is when your login page keeps refreshing and redirecting it back to the login screen.I could not login to wordpress site went to cpanel and deleted plugin I just installed and fixed problem. This demo assumes youve already logged in to cPanel.7) Click Go Back. Thats it! Weve just created a URL redirect. Now when someone visits, theyll be automatically redirected to Cpanel Hosting How to redirect your website?Step-4: On the Add a New Forwarder page, fill in the details like: >Type the username of the email address in the Address to forward. If you are not behind a firewall that blocks port 2095. If you are behind a firewall and can not connect to port 2095. Login to cPanel. Click the Redirects button in the Domains section. You will then be on the Add Redirect page.Back to first comment | top. Need more Help? Search. cPanel beginner tutorial 7 - subdomains and redirects - Продолжительность: 4:27 Quentin Wattcant login wp-admin page - Продолжительность: 5:03 Ankit Adhikary 51 752 просмотра.How To Reset A WordPress Website Back To Default - Better Than Reinstalling WordPress As the title suggests, when I attempt to log into cPanel with no error messages and without logging me in. if one did not know better, theyd think IHey. I too had this problem, the same time when you posted. It just kept loading and loading, and then eventually it redirected me back to the login page. If you are having trouble doing that, please see the tutorial named How to Login to cPanel.Click the Go Back Link. You can now see your new redirect listed in the Directory. You can also remove redirects from this same page. Cpanel Login Redirect. Discuss other Weeblr extensions. Wednesday, May 11 2016, 01:11 AM.Even creating a folder and file "/cpanel/index.html" and going to cpanel/index.html scoots me right back to a Joomla 404 page, so I think there is something in cpanel itself that is Last Modified: 2012-05-11. Login redirects back to login page. At the simplest level, there is a login page, admin page and user page.sessions are being set so why does it keep redirecting back to login?. I am always very careful about upgrading the plugin because sometimes it locks me out of the site by redirecting me back to the home page whenever I try to login. When that happens, I can usually change the plugin file name through ftp/ cpanel and then get back in. Tags : Can login webmail cpanel vps redirects back login page.My recent install of pyrocms just continues to do a 302 redirect back to the login page when trying to login. No error messages, just posts, gets a 302 and heads right back to the login page. Redirect Domain. Log into your cPanel. Click the Redirects link in the Domains section.If you plan on redirecting all pages within to, then choose the option for a Wild Card Redirect.Dont want to login using Facebook or Google? The Redirects interface allows you to send all of the visitors of a domain or particular page to a different URL.Select a domain name from the menu, or select All Public Domains to redirect all of the domains that your cPanel account controls. To log in the CPanel administration platform, you can access it via a directory linked to your domain.Go back to the initial home menu and select Redirects from the menu Domains. In the section Add Redirect you need to select and fill out the following fields cPanel.Being stuck in the WordPress login redirect loop can be frustrating. This is one of the more popular problems with the WordPress login screen, where you keep getting redirected back to the wp-admin view, even though you sign-in using the correct credentials each time. When I log in I should be redirected to another page called control panel.php, but the thing is when I refresh I get redirected back again to the login.php page. How Do I Login To My cPanel (CloudVM).Now when someone visits the contact.html page, theyll automatically be redirected to the contactus.html page. 6) Click Go Back. Since cpanel loops back into the login page everytime i click on phpMyAdmin i cant access it and hence cant change the wordpress admin username and password.then when the cookie times out I have to log back in, but I get the login screen.then I cleared the cache and I still got the same redirect loop on the login page.If you like, you can PM me your cPanel login details, I can have a look in this. Login your cpanel. 1. Click the Redirects button on the front page under the domains.3. Enter the redirection address in the second field. (this can be a sub domain and may be listed as a directory on home page). cPanel - Redirect. Advertisements. Previous Page.Step 1 Click on Redirects found in Domains section of cPanel Home. Step 2 Choose your redirect type from the Dropdown Menu, Permanent or Temporary Redirect. You can use Redirects to make a webpage display another page to the viewer. What is a Redirect?Follow these simple steps to set redirects on your website: Step 1. Login to your cPanel account.You can now press GO BACK and see the list of Redirects and also remove the redirect if you wish When I log in I should be redirected to another page called control panel.php, but the thing is when I refresh I get redirected back again to the login.php page. Having trouble setting up redirects in your cPanel for your WordPress website? cPanel is a great hosting control panel interface.Now some people may have a bookmark to your old site, to that specific page. I have noticed that if anyone who visits my website happens to be a web developer, he can always reach my cPanel Login page via,, etcAdvisable to set a .htaccess rule to redirect /cpanel to the homepage.Apache Fall Back When PHP Fails. Once we are at the Redirects page in cPanel, we will see the Add Redirect:section where we will provide details of what we want to redirect and where to.Click the Go Back link to add more redirects. This demo assumes youve already logged in to cPanel.Now when someone visits the contact.html page, theyll automatically be redirected to the contactus.html page. 6) Click Go Back. Domains: Redirects. Go Back. Overview.A confirmation page will display "YOURREDIRECTEDPATH has been successfully removed." Back To Top . To access the Domain Redirects tool login your cPanel and click on the Redirects icon under the Domains section. On the Redirects page you will need to select the domain name for which you would like to apply the redirect and the type of the redirect.Back to top. About Us. Blog. Login. Support.To use redirect feature go to cPanel and scroll down to Domains tab. Then select Redirects to open the redirect settings.Permanent (301) redirect helps to tell search engine that the page has been moved permanently to a new location. Login to cPanel. Open a web browser and type one of the following URLs into the address bar: httpWhen the credentials have been verified the web browser will be redirected to the cPanel Main Page.Redirecting a URL. Creating an FTP Account. Backing Up A Website.

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