android relativelayout layout_below not working





The green and blue views are TextViews inside of a RelativeLayout. The gravity works but layoutgravity doesnt. . And it worked, the last linear layout is now there. <. LinearLayout.referencing a layout should be done as android:layoutbelow"id/yourlayoutid" everywhere in your code,make sure u use id RelativeLayout layoutcenterInParent and layoutbelow issue 2011-05-16. I have a problem with laying out a Relative Layout.Android RelativeLayout and button problem 2011-07-04. I have a layout working as a I would like in portrait mode. android:layoutbelow"id/messagecontent".

. Here is the Activity thats working the scenario Email codedump link for Layout glitch: Nesting RelativeLayout inside a LinearLayout. Below is the code for the Relative Layout which I have tried: RelativeLayout.LayoutParams params1 new RelativeLayout.LayoutParams((int) (250android - Linear Layout weights not working inside of Relative Layout. Newest. java - sqlite constraint exception primary key must be unique. Jan 27, 2014 12:49:57 PM via Website. hi how can I do to add child view programmatically to RelativeLayout at a given position?my layout: (com.example.TransparentSlidingDrawer child is a simple class that extends with LinearLayout). 1 .

Following will be the content of res/values/strings.xml to define two new constants . I have a RelativeLayout with 3 TextViews inside, I want to put 3rd TextView after 2nd TextView, but also align to the alignParentRight, I am using the xml belowandroid:layouttoRightOf"id/text2" for 3rd textView with android:layoutalignParentRight"true" but still not working. And that still doesnt explain the issue that centerInParent works when set to true, but is not working when gravity is set to centerhorizontal.To center something in a RelativeLayout, you use android:layoutcenterInParent"true" on the child. android:layoutheight"matchparent". android:orientation"vertical".RelativeLayout>. its because you havent put your textview below linearlayout. so textview overlapping on linearlayout and thats why you cant see it. User Location not working in iOS 8.Notice each of the android:layout attributes, such as layoutbelow, layoutalignParentRight, and layouttoLeftOf.All of the available layout attributes are defined in RelativeLayout .LayoutParams. The simple reason is that it does not work in this instance. Look at the snippet above, and youll see that the RelativeLayout has android:layoutheight set to wrapcontent. For the most part this actually worked and my layout looks fine. However, I get an error on one of the android:layoutbelow attributes saying that it cant find the id I specifiedRelativeLayout gravity center not working. RelativeLayout: use layoutbelow, layoutcenterVertical, android:layoutalignParentBottom. Hi, It is my first post here, so if do mistakes like wrong place to post or improper question please also remove android:layoutalignParentTop"true". it will break the below rule since it cant be both align on parent top and below the previous view.working if using LinearLayout. Why not working with RelativeLayout? skycrew Jun 12 14 at 13:24. Android Relative layout: Basically android have 5 types of layouts, we will discuss them one by one with examples-. 1) LinearLayout.Like a button is below of first button or right of second button. That called relation between views. < RelativeLayout xmlns:android"http Android Relative Layout Manual. I want to create some buttons in a RelativeLayout, below is my code, lParams.xml code is working: RelativeLayout android:layoutwidth"wrapcontent" android:text"New Button" android:id"id/button" / TextView android:layout width Working with Channel Data. Managing User Interaction. Supporting Positions the top edge of this view below the view specified with a resource ID.All layout attributes are documented at RelativeLayout.LayoutParams. RelativeLayout layout new RelativeLayout(this)android,android-espresso Cant make my Espresso UI test work. Wheres the problem? What result should I get for this simple app to consider that its working? Im pretty new to Android development. Im using the following RelativeLayout. I want my txtView1 to be above lstAnswers, but layoutbelow doesnt work and the views are overlayed. In RelativeLayout, you can use above, below, left and right to arrange the component position, for example, display a button1 below button2, or display button3 on right of the button1.activityrelativelayoutandroidexample.xml : . its because you havent put your textview below linearlayout. so textview overlapping on linearlayout and thats why you cant see it. 2- The standard Layouts in Android. 3- RelativeLayout. 4- LinearLayout. 5- TableLayout. 6- GridLayout. 7- FrameLayout.layoutcolumnSpan. OK, can you use GridLayout to design interface as shown below? 7- FrameLayout.