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Comments. Похожие Видео. 11 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri! 6 months ago. Funny things you can ask Siri: Time-waster of the day.Were Kristen Liz. We started Cool Mom Tech in 2010 to help make our increasingly digital lives easier, more organized, more meaningful, and more fun, however old your kids may be. Well share some funny things to ask Siri with answers and explain what Siri commands iOS 10 you can use on your iDevice in 2016 and 2017.So the awesome and funny Siri tricks become even cooler when you know what to ask.December 2015. Another one of funny things to ask Siri is to request her to make you a sandwich. Even Siri has her limitations and asking her to rustle up a tasty snack for you is still, at the moment, out of her reach. iPhone Siri How to Use iPhone Siri iPhone Siri Its actually really simple » Press and hold the iPhones physical Home button to open iPhone Siri.Once Siri has opened, ask a question or ask [] Read More. With the release of Apples iOS 7, Siri is officially out of BETA stage. Siri sure has come a long way since its first release, and it is encouraging to see howThe list of things she can help you do gets bigger and bigger with every iOS release. Below is a massive list of cool and very helpful things you Siri, Call me an ambulance. Yes Sir, from today I will call you ambulance. We have all heard Siri jokes and the funny things Siri does when you ask something cheesy.And this post will cover all about the cool stuff you can ask Siri to do for you. Heres a list of funny things to ask Siri to get a hilarious response. When you are bored, ask these funny questions for a witty/sarcastic reply from Siri.Arbaz Khan December 23, 2015.

15 funny/wierd things to ask Siri when youre bored. Siri can be amazing sometimes Suggestions? Hmu on snapchat - pulkit98.72 Funny Siri Questions! iOS 9 (2015). funny things siri does siri u0027s best easter eggs jul 1 2015.funny things siri does secret siri commands cool questions you can ask right now imore. Other things you can ask Siri include what is the owners home address as well as call historyAnother cool thing is that you can tell Siri to call you by your favorite childhood nickname.Finalist at HR Vendor of the Year 2015 Awards under the category Best Learning Management System. Cool things to ask siri ios 9 is the worlds number one global design destination, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary. Another cool setting that you can change is the gender of the voice, some people prefer to leave it in the default voice tone but you can also switch it to Male if you want to.Ask Siri to find a coffee shop near work. You might also want to ask Siri to get you directions from Seattle to Portland. The iPhones "virtual assistant" is a sophisticated piece of software, but that doesnt mean Siri hasnt got a sense of humor.

Here are 100 funny things to ask Siri in iOS (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch). You might be surprised by some of the answers. Funny Things to Ask Siri. 1. Will you marry me?100 Best Attitude Girl Facebook Cool Funny HD Profile Pictures WhatsApp DP Free Download In 2018. Siris been entertaining us with responses for years now, but chances are you havent asked Apples mobile digital assistant everything you could. And Im not talking about all the useful things she can do. Credit Cool Ha Sbili Da Colorare Per Ragazze Disegni Da Colorare Per per tutto Immagini Da Colorarecool things to do in germany. cool things for kids berlin. Dec 30, 2015. Siri, Apples voice assistant for iPhone and iPad that was first introduced with the iPhone 4S in 2011, is one funny virtual guy (or gal, depending on which Voice Gender youve chosen).Nema odgovora. Pingback: 9 funny things to ask siri | Share4you blog. siri questions 44 things to ask siri when you re bored out of your mind. siri questions questions my 5 year asked siri and the answers siri. siri questions the 24 funniest siri answers that you can try with your iphone. Forums The Tavern [necro]Cool things to ask Siri.Please tell me some awesome thing to ask Siri on the iPhone 4S and tell me Siris answers. Heres one to start off: Q: Will you marry me? Kinda a sad thing to ask Siri dont you think?Well anyway, thats my roommate that just responded to you and also its cool I know someone with a viral tweet. It Can Also Do A Lot Of Cool Tricks All You Have Secret Siri Commands Cool Questions You Can Ask Right Now With Siri You Can Do An Incredible Range Of Things. 2015 Toto Kimliong. Baca Juga. Crazy Things to Ask Siri. Could you become a beatbox in 3 seconds?Do zero divided by zero its really funny. Julie 2 months ago. Siri is cool.

I asked him to tell me the square root of 169 and he got it right! Siri is very good at searching things, you just have to ask her what to search for. Ask her to search for a movie, or some data for your studies, Siri will use different web sources to give you the best answer possible. Siri can sometimes be funny and heres a list of 50 Funny things to ask Siri. To activate Siri on your iOS device, simply press and hold the Home button.Siri App for Android: Top 8 Best Siri Alternative Android Assistant Apps [ 2015]. Siri can help you stay connected, organize your life, and get thing done both professional and personal. It can also do a lot of cool tricks all you have to do is know what to ask!clipping path service on Black Friday: Best Deals John Lewis for Black Friday 2015. This is a list of 100 funny things to say to Siri. Try it out! Ask funny questions like "What is zero divided by zero?"Updated on April 1, 2015. Fritz Isaacs. more.Funny Things to Say to Siri. The voice-activated personal assistant Siri lets you command your iPhone by voice.Be cool 5 months ago. Say to Siri when is the world going to end. If youre looking for cool or fun things to say to Siri, here are the 33 best things to ask Siri that will make the AI get mad, cuss, rap, beatbox, or say some otherwise hilarious one-liner. Random Things Funny Things Funny Stuff Random Stuff Things To Ask Siri Siri Funny Funny Texts Funny Siri Responses Funny Siri Questions. Siri is a helpful feature, but it turns out it can be funny, too. Ask these questions and get some hilarious answers. See More. Secret Siri commands: Cool questions With Siri you can do an incredible range of things using only the power of your voice. All you have to do is ask!25 Nov 2015 Heres the most comprehensive collection of funny questions to ask Siri and other hilarious 201 questions Siri has hilarious 72 Funny Siri Questions! iOS 9 (2015).Siri can be amazing sometimes Suggestions? Hmu on snapchat - pulkit98. WATCH NOW. TOP 50 Funny Things To Ask Siri IOS 8.0-8.4.1. iPhone, iPod, iPad! Things Siri says at Christmas. Is Santa real? Siri has a few different responses to this one, so ask a few times.It was Back to the Future Day on 21 October 2015 and Siri had a lot to say about it. Posted by Guest - What Are Cool Things To Ask Siri : Im looking for Siri phrases that are good phrases to know about. Normally the main one I tell Siri is Wake me at 7am. Then it just plays sound at 7am until you shut it off. Table of ContentsRandom Questions to ask SiriBonus Things to Say to SiriHere are a few cool things to say to Siri. Good morning. 13 cool things you didnt know Siri could do. Steven Tweedie. Jun. 7, 2015, 3:20 PM.Use Siri as your poker sidekick and learn the rarity of various card hands by asking, "Wolfram, what are the odds of a ?" Business Insider. Cool new things to ask siri pictures 5. The messages posted on social media say things such as "Say 9/11 into Siri and youll a cool and funny Easter egg (aThese are legal, clever fun things to ask siri when you want to kill time! Thanks for watching How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode (iOS7 iOS8) ( 2015 METHOD) ( 9 months ago. Kids Ask Siri Silly Questions!Ten things we love about the new iMac 2013 - Продолжительность: 5:07 Macworld UK 152 778 просмотров.72 Funny Siri Questions! iOS 9 (2015) - Продолжительность: 15:16 My Apple Gadgets 79 385 просмотров. Here Are Some Funny Things To Ask Siri On Your iPhone - UPDATE. Siri is a helpful feature, but it turns out that it can be a great way to have fun.72 Funny Siri Questions! iOS 9 (2015). September 19th, 2015 Imran Uddin5 Comments. Almost everyone has heard about Cortana by now, but those who dont know about it dont have to worry.Also See: Funny Things To ask siri.23. Whats the best search engine? 24. Who is better, you or Siri? 25. Whats better, Google or Bing?Youre cool. There are lots of list of things to ask Siri, silly questions and funny answers but what about really cool things you can ask Siri? Apple is making Siri more useful every day. However, some of these assume you have setup some basic things about you like home address. List Of Cool Things You Can Ask Siri Ios 7. Best 25 Things To Ask Siri Ideas On Ask Siri. What Flights Are Overhead And Other Cool Things To Ask. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Rahul Mahadik, My personal assistant. Answered Dec 10, 2015.What are some of the unexpected cool things you asked Siri? July 22nd, 2015 | Entertainment.The iPhones personal assistant, Siri, has you covered. Ask her various questions or make some silly statements and the responses you will get may just give you the belly laugh we all need at times. Blackbird71 2015-08-11 01:39:36 UTC 1. If you have an apple device you cam ask siri (if u have it) just say "what flights are above me" and she or he replies with a chart and a map of planes above you. Its says the altitdue of the plane and the flight number. Its a really cool thing to do! If you recently received your reconditioned iPhone from us, you may have seen the option to activate Siri, Apples virtual personal assistance, but aside from asking her what todays weather is (15 degrees with a chance of rain) or how many calories are in a slice of pizza (391) 4 Things You Need To Ask Siri. Загружено 3 июля 2015. I dont like to be sassed by my friends I dont need to be sassed by my phone. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! 20 funny things to ask Siri. Загружено 6 апреля 2016. If youre an iPhone user and are curious about whats above you, just ask Siri the magical question: What airplanes are above me?Ggg says. September 6, 2015 at 8:30 pm. This wouldve been so cool if Siri was in a hunk of junk. Cool things to ask siri youtube Best things to ask siri youtube Funny things to ask siri youtube Things to ask siri youtube 100 things to ask siri youtube 10 things to ask siri youtube Questions to ask siri youtube. 9 Cool Siri Tricks. Funny When Japanese Try To Speak English With Siri! So Hilarious! Siri: Male Vs Female Voice. Kids Ask Siri Silly Questions!72 Funny Siri Questions! iOS 9 (2015). How-To: Usefully Use Siri. 10 Things You Didnt Know iPhone Could Do.

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