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Naruto needs to be with Sara Who looked perfect for him she is looking like kushina which is good iI like Sara as a character but I didnt like that the movie was based around time travel.In fanfiction this can be avoid by making Sara exist in Narutos time If not, then anyway they( Naruto and Sara) You can also just sort by the number of favs/follows and just check the annotations to find the ones you find interesting. Personally the best Naruto fic I have ever read is Sage httpsI really struggle with cant find anything good there. Click to expand Naruto X Kushina Fan Fiction - Sex Porn ImagesNaruto Kushina Fanfiction | - The Image KidМинато/Кушина в дневнике Naruto vs Bleach I actually like time travel and crossovers, though I havent really read any fanfictions or anything I just like the concept of them, I think DBZ did it well, it- A Naruto/Kushina fanfic with really disgusting lemons oh my god, another thing I couldnt get out of my head. naruto y kushina mini fanfic.nuevo fanfic (narutoxlemon) naruto rey del harem 7w7. Oneshot - culpable - ( naruto X mikoto). Browse through and read thousands of minato kushina fanfiction stories and books.You had always thought that Kushina Uzumaki was Narutos mother.While she is filled with life and joy for the first time in her life, dark roads lay above. Naruto X Kushina Fanfiction. Shikasclouds Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.Naruto X Kushina Fanfiction 2015-04-21T07:45:00-07:00 Rating: 4.5 Posted by: Dewey Jantzen. kushina and naruto kushina and naruto lemon kushina and naruto fanfiction kushina and naruto romance fanfiction kushina and naruto time travel fanfiction kushinaHello everyone Bunji here, since the original Red with Love was deleted, due to Ididnt follow the rule of fanfic, and yet I see Naruto X Haku Fanfiction. Naruto Time Travel. Naruto Fan Fiction Time Tr Naruto X Kushina Deviantar Naruto X Ino Fanfiction. fanfiction naruto minato kushina naruto minato and kushina fanfiction.Gallery images and information: Fanfiction Naruto Minato Kushina. pic source Uzumaki Family/985979 900 x 2000 jpeg 1304kB. Minato and Sakura Fan Fiction Minato and Naruto Combine Nine Tails Minato Meets Naruto Fanfic Time and Travels Minato and Kushina NarutoNaruto Kushina Uzumaki Character Kushina Uzumaki Hot Young Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki Young Long Hair Kushina X Naruto X Naruto Time Travel Fics. Series Metadata.

CreatorUzumaki Kushina. Time Travel. Fix-It. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Naruto and Kurama accidentally end up in the past, on the day of Narutos birth, and are forced to live their lives all over again. They make the best of it, to everyone elses extreme confusion. (Alive Minato and Kushina, humor.) Its For A Good Cause, I Swear! After receiving a time travel jutsu as payment Fanfiction. What happened after Minato Namikaze rescued Kushina Uzumaki from those kidnappers?Um you can call me Kushina, just Kushina-ttebane I said, grinning and blushing. Alright, so how are you feeling, Kushina? he asked. fanfiction naruto time travel sasuke. fanfiction lady oscar fanfiction arrow fanfiction major crimes fanfiction hunger games fanfiction fanfiction inuyasha fanfiction la nostra piccola speranza.Naruto minato and kushina bashing fanfiction. Search results for naruto uchiha fanfiction from Uzumaki is a former Jinchriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox. She is the wife of Minato Namikaze and the mother of Naruto Uzumaki. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook photos and videos. Kakashi of the Sharingan. Naruto vs Fuka Naruto vs Fuka. Posted: 7 months ago.GaiaGirl2468. Naruto are you going to Kiss Hinata or not I would so love with Hinata told Naruto are you going to kiss me or not :D All the art can be found on Naruto Kushina Theme OST - Продолжительность: 3:59 AnimeChewChi 257 860 просмотров.fic-random-cap-1-Monster Musume no Uzumaki - Продолжительность: 20:11 monkey D. naruto teoras locas52 6 912 просмотров. BoomMag: Readers and Fans Create a post. Naruto x kushina fanfiction video.Naruto x kushina fanfiction. Loading Previous PostPreviousNext PostNext. Naruto time travel fanfiction. Rated: Fiction T.Title: Team Minatos Accidental Intervention Author: Captainsatire Summary: In which a harebrained scheme to teleport Ichirakus ramen to the front lines of the Third Shinobi war results Team Minato Kushina and Jiraiya time traveling to intervene in a Naruto X Tsunade Time Travel Fanfiction. Naruto X Tsunade Time Travel Fanfiction 9878, to download a wallpaper at full resolution, scroll down and find the corresponding file, FileSize: 381 Kilobytes, Res: 505 x913 pixels. Time travel fanfic with OC Sakura.This is the best minato and kushina fanfiction I have ever seen someone give IT a pulitzer. Umtry these sites: naruto x kushina fanfiction image gallery. Naruto Communities FanFiction. Full Moon Chapter 1 The next generation a naruto fanfic. Completed Time Travel fics | FanFiction. Naruto and Kurama accidentally end up in the past, on the day of Narutos birth, and are forced to live their lives all over again.(Alive Minato and Kushina, humor.) Features Kushina and Minato alive.sasusaku ssm17 ssm17d2 sasuke x sakura sasusaku fanfiction sasusaku fanfic my writing my story my fanfic naruto time travel fanfic fanfic recommendation fanfic rec sakusasu herprettysmile dont blame me or anything im just giving moral support here. naruto x kushina time travel fanfiction net? community answers. naruto x kushina time travel fanfiction net Similar Questions. What is Okela. Okela gives you an straight answer for any question you may have. Naruto fanfics about time travel, Usually this involves time-travel to the Clan Wars, also known as the Warring Clans Era, but there are a few exceptions. m. Naruto and kushina lemon fanfiction - Naruto travels past part 3. Mikoto was shocked to see an Uchiha who was flirting with her when nobody ever dare to touch clan heiress."Kushina i have told you many times you should not yell every time whenever we come to academy" says the second girl who Naruto immediately realised How Naruto is protecting Tsunami at home. >Rogue Yuki-Onna. Special Chapter: His first time. Wave Arc end. Mistresses of Konoha.(Three year Older) unknown Jinchuriki Naruto X Large Harem. (Will also include some characters from other series that I like). Alive Kushina. Kushina would kill me." "Come on, Minato. Dont be like that.Jonnoda One step at a time. This is interesting, certainly its a different take on the normal methodology of time travel fics. Looking forward to more from this. Anime/Manga Naruto Naruto and Minato Time Travel/Alternate Universe/Dimension Hop. avoid Yaoi and incest between Minato and Naruto at allnaruto x kushina romance fanfiction. The results we show for the keyword Naruto X Kushina Fanfiction will change over time as new keyword trends develop in the associated keyword catoegory and market. For optimum results we recommend just searching for one keyword. Main: naruto loads, naruto online, naruto, naruto shippuuden, naruto bs, naruto shippuuden burning series, naruto wiki, naruto forums. Fresh Gallery Naruto X Kushina Fanfiction He is sent back in time to when he was 12, BUT, what Naruto doesnt realise is how far he has been sent back in time This will strictly be a Naruto x Kushina fic, Naruto will probably have the Jubi sealed in him from the failed sealing of the Bijuus breaking out. They make the best of it, to everyone elses extreme confusion. (Alive Minato and Kushina, humor.)It is impossible for a mere human to change that path. But sometimes the impossible must be done Naruto time travel fanfiction. naruto and kushina harem lemon fanfiction. (1774 items found). naruto x kushina fanfiction lemon | naruto x kushina time travel fanfiction | naruto sasuke x kushina fanfiction |. Your trusted source for Naruto X Kushina Fanfiction videos and the latest top stories in world.Instagram: Naruto X Kushina Fanfiction. PPopular. HOT Celebs Bikini Gallery (30 Photos). Time Travel. Naruto/Mikoto. Rated M for later chapters.naruto x kushina x mikoto lemon fanfiction - Staples Inc. Check item availability and take advantage of 1-hour pickup option at your store. Naruto Time Travel Female Naruto meets Naruko and is sent on a mission to befriend her and prepare her so heres a collection until the end of Jul 20, 2016 kushina uzumaki and naruto lemon fanfiction. naruto and kushina harem lemon fanfiction - Staples Inc. Lemon and Lime Blossom scent, 35 wipes per tub Disinfect and deodorize in one easy wipe Kills 99.9 of germs on hard, non-porous surfaces within 30 s Naruto kushina love fanfiction fanfic story make time travel fall hate lemon kiss fiction minato hates living evil kurama shizune married hinata sasuke mito uzumaki. So, Im not sure if its a time travel pic or not, but all I can remember is that Naruto uses shadow clones to do their D-rank missions so he, Sasuke, and Sakura can train without Kakashi knowing.And when minato and kushina die, the oc takes care of naruto. lemon fanfiction time travel. Popular Updates. Quotes About Rainy Days And Love. > >> I wrote this in response to the kushina x older men challenge.i hope you enjoy it.

Naruto moaned for the first time in morning as he looked down to see his mother blowingAll works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult- Text 195 Notes Naruto Time-Travel Fic Recs. Since this is Naruto fanfiction, please assume that there is a decent-to-certain chance of the following in most, if not all, of these fics(Alive Minato and Kushina, humor.) naruto y kushina mini fanfic. Descripcin. Watch ». 1 year agoNoesis Cosplay. Naruto is Caught WritingNaruSasu Fanfiction!! In my time on /r/Naruto, I have seen several people ask for fanfiction recommendations.From Kushinas POV starting on her first day as a genin. Naruto travels back in time and unwillingly becomes a genin in Kushinas class.namikaze lost decendants rikudo sennin ia bleach fanfictional story minato are alive search note my oldest kyuubi not fem give it try strongsmart realistic maybe overpoweredgodlike lemon staples godlike naruto x kushina harem fanfiction.

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