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Apples latest and greatest has arrived, and with that in mind we take a look at how the iPhone 5s does versus the Samsung Galaxy S4.The camera also features 3X zoom, dual-LED flash and special iOS 7 features such as a new burst mode that takes 10 frames per second. The announcement and release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 means its time to throw a few more logs on the fire of an always fun debate: which smartphone has theApples iPhone 7 Plus proves this point even more, as I think its 2x optical zoom is more useful to more people than the G6s second camera. Camera. If youre buying a new mobile, the camera is also likely to play a very important role. Whilst not able to entirely replace compact cameras, modern smartphones can produce some spectacular images and are always to hand. The images are showing the Galaxy S4 Zoom sitting alongside the Galaxy Camera. And in addition, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is also pictured with an iPhone 5 and Nokia 808 PureView. These images werent accompanied with much in terms of descriptions The Galaxy S4 Zoom is shown to be reminiscent in style to the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but is clearly meant to be a slightly more pocket-friendly device with a slimming of all the edges with an ever-so-slightly thinner short end as well. Compared to the iPhone 5 from Apple Optical zoom lenses aside, its not uncommon for a high-end smartphone camera to match or even beat the quality from a small pocket digital camera.We used the default camera app for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Im saying that because the S4 zoom image quality was average and not on par with the Apple iPhone 5S.Camera Lens Distortions and Image Quality Test: iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4. Read next: Samsung Galaxy S8 camera and video modes explained and reviewed. Apples iPhone 7, like the one featured in this article is available from Three here.Huawei P10 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Which is best for me? Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy SIV Review. A hands-on full comparison of the iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 looking at Size, Weight, Screen size, Build, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 - Camera Picture Quality Comparison Review. Camera Comparison Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Galaxy S4, HTC One, iPhone 5 and Panasonic Lumix GH2.Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: Camera Comparison. Since I picked up the Galaxy S4 recently, I wanted to compare both the ipHone 5 bs the GS4. None of the smartphone cameras are good enough to replace a SLR, but their performance in low-light settings can challenge even the best cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: The More Megapixels The Better?Aside from its excellent build, the iPhone 5s camera is, even months later, still one of the best on the market—even with the Lumia 920 and HTC One around. Here I must note that Samsung has confusing variants in their S4 line, including the S4 Zoom, a device that tries to be a mid-range digital camera AND a smartphone, and winds up looking like a terrible hybrid, a Frankensteins48 Comments to iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 (spec comparison). Its a shame, too, because if you zoom in a bit, the S8s pic is actually slightly sharper than the iPhones.Its Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 PlusYou keep mentioning iPhone 7 this is actually misleading as there is huge difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus camera isnt it! Видео обзор Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom от Сотмаркета. iPhone 8 - Innovative Screen.

Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera video test comparison. Поиск видео на - video Which flagship smartphone has the best inbuilt camera? We compare the photographic chops of four cutting-edge models: the Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One and iPhone 5. Check out the results for yourself to see which phone comes out on top. Winner: None of the above, digital zoom sucks. Low light shots. From left to right: Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, HTC One M8.iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 vs M8: The bottom line. Smartphone cameras are getting better and the software driving them is getting smarter. Photographer Dan Rubin examines the results from his in-depth comparison of the iPhone 5s, Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020 cameras - colour reproduction, multiple light sources Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (top) vs. Nokia Lumia 1020 The Samsungs Samsung today announced the newest addition to the Galaxy family, the Galaxy K. This phone is most definitely a follow on to the Galaxy Camera. But while the Galaxy S4 Zoom was definitely a modified Galaxy S4, the Galaxy K Zoom (the K stands for kamera iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 vs Lumia 1020 Display Comparison.Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera video test comparison. Samsung Galaxy S5.Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. vs. ZTE Blade V8 Pro.Optical image stabilization uses gyroscopic sensors to detect the vibrations of the camera.0 better video recording quality. 1080 x 30fps. Apple iPhone X 64GB: 2160 x 60fps. Cameras.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom beats the iPhone 5 at this category, because it has a 16MP primary camera with 10x optical zoom, Xenon flash optical image stabilization.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Motorola Moto X Specs and Price Comparison. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. iPhone 7 Plus: CAMERA Comparison!Main Tests: -Specs -Indoor and outdoor photos (mixed lighting) -Auto-focus, which is faster -4K video tests -Slow-motion -Low-light - iPhone optical zoom vs S8 digital zoom -Stabilization -Audio test -Front facing selfie photos and iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Camera Picture Quality Comparison Review - Duration: 7:58. adrianisen 28,265 views. iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 vs Lumia 1020 Display Comparison. 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 VS 16MP Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (with Sample Images and Video Comparison). Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S - Ultimate Camera Test. We compare the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Apple iPhone 5, putting their specs and benchmarks side by side including screen, cpu, gpu, camera, battery life and more.Galaxy S4 Zoom Samsung. 3G. Today Asus Zenfone Blog will share about ZenFone zoom camera versus another flagship. ASUS Zenfone Zoom which become worlds thinnest optical zoom smartphone versus Sony Z5, LG G4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 6S, and HTC M9 which is better? you decide Galaxy S5 (left), Galaxy S8 (right) 100 crop. Of course, the Galaxy S5s camera hasnt aged well at all, making it nearly impossible to capture low light photos of any kind.iPhone Animoji vs Samsung Emoji. Samsung Galaxy S4 v Apple iPhone 5 Hands-On Camera Comparison. Comapring the 720p/1080p front-facing camera, the 1080p 8/13 megapixel rear facing camera, auto-focus Galaxy S4 Camera Beats The IPhone 5s In DxOMark Benchmark. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Smartphone With 16MP Camera.Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Page 2 CNET. Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs IPhone 5 Camera Comparison. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is a cost-efficient option that will satisfy basic smartphone users who want an optical zoom.The Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus battle it out for photo supremacy in Japan. Samsungs awesome 2018 Galaxy A8 even has a dual-lens camera on the front. Wireless Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More. 4.95.Photograph Zoom Video Recorder Selfie Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control Shutte HH0923.Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5S. Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom official photos. Its a lot more compact than last years Galaxy Camera and this years Galaxy NX and, unlike both of them, it has full telephony features.Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Apple iPhone X camera comparison. Actually, it is an amalgamation of both, and it is known as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. The smartphones weve chosen to run against it are the Samsung Galaxy S4, equipped with a 13MP camera, the HTC One and its 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera, and the iPhone 5 with its 8MP Side by side technical and performance comparison between Samsung Galaxy K zoom, Apple iPhone 5s.Secondary camera. Galaxy K zoom. iPhone 5s. Megapixels. 2 Megapixel. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta 6 - Which Is Faster?Jake D: Who puts a BIG ASS camera on a phone? NaBeHobby: not really surprised that the s4 zoom beats the iphone 5. the zoom have their big ass lenses! iPhone5 Samsung Galaxy S III look "dead even" to me (but I must say, the iPhone5 has improved upon its camera when compared to the iPhone4s) 2013 is almost here, its time for HTC Samsung to release some new Android Smart Phones Joshua Goldman/CNET. These are shots of the scene we use for camera testing. The S4 Zoom, 1020, and One picked ISO 100, while the iPhone and Galaxy S4 went with ISO 50.Bonus: S4 Zoom vs. Lumia 1020. With LCD color displays getting used in mobile phones and the popularity of digital cameras gaining ground users were itching to see both the devices getting integrated. However camera phones []. Samsung galaxy s4 camera vs iphone 5s is the worlds number one global design destination, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary. PhoneRocket Review Our evaluation of Galaxy S4 Zoom vs iPhone 5s. Performance.2x higher resolution front camera Video chat with other people. More battery capacity. 2,330 mAh. According DxO, the Galaxy S4s surpassed iPhone 5s camera in various fields like still images and videos. The video stabilization on iPhone was found to outperform the same feature on Galaxy S4. 2. Samsung Galaxy S4. 3. HTC One. 4. Apple iPhone 5. 5. Panasonic Lumix GH2. 6. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 hands-on: worthy of celebrity hands. Galaxy S9 first camera comparison vs iPhone X, V30, S8. Lumia 1020 vs iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 Camera Comparison.F. iPhone 5 Lens 12x Zoom (with Tripod). F. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Review! F. Apple getting into battery materials supply chain directly, likely for cars. Samsung drop tests its own Galaxy Note 8, just not on camera.Which is better: physical lens doing optical zoom, or the PureView technology? We want to find out in our Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Nokia 808 PureView Lumia 1020 vs iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 Camera Comparison - Duration: 4:56.Samsung S4 Zoom vs iPhone 4s - Duration: 2:09. TechTalk 4,199 views. xda-developers Samsung Galaxy S III I9300, I9305 Galaxy S III General iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S3 Low Light Camera Comparison | Bonus ZDFE02 vs ZDFF02 by NaimC.Each column shows a 500px x 500px 100 zoom of a segment of the left, centre, right, top and bottom of each photo. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom packs a 16MP camera and 10x optical zoom.Now, 8MP is the industry standard on premium phones like the Apple iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 925. Even so, its not enough. Lumia 1020 vs iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 Camera ComparisoniPhone 5s vs. Nokia Lumia 1020 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom 100 x 78 jpeg 2kB.

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