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Passing a variable from PHP to JavaScript is actually very easy! There are just a couple things you need to keep in mind and some ways to do it to ensure it actually works. I find that putting the following code into the section of my website is the most foolproof method Get jsons data using php. css: Image wont resize. JavaScript not executin in android device lower than 6.0. Website audio not working in phonegap.secondly, I attempted using session variables to transfer data from users table to posts table as a way to obtain bio data of a signed in user to be How do I refer to POST variables using javascript? I want a JavaScript "openPage" variable to be set to that "q6" string Passing several variables to the PHP page Using Javascript .post. I am trying to pass multiple variables to a php page using JavaScript. Currently the JavaScript code posts a variable page to fetchpages.php. If the user choose overwrite, the client-side only need to post the received id, do not need to upload the file again. - - Sorry for my poor English.Passing the value of a variable from PHP to JavaScript. Fw: [PHP] [PLEASE HELP] Passing variable to new page. But its very important to get this point: the colors PHP variable is NOT "connected" or in anyway affiliated with the colors JavaScript variable.Thanks for all your useful posts on the PHP to JS subject. : D. I have another small question on the subject.

Can PHP variables be passed to externally Is it possible for a javascript to post the variable comments"Sometext" to PHP.php instead of writing Sometext in the textbox and press submit? (Probably im Asking to much). Send variables between Javascript, Form and PHP on the same page: PHP variable to Javascript variableIf you dont mind a refresh, then either a page reload or calling another web page would work if you used something like POST[FormVar] in the php file. Possible Duplicate: JavaScript post request like a form submit. I have a value calculated in JS that Id like to pass as part of an input form to a PHP script. How can I get a value the JS value to the PHP as a POST parameter? Hi, How do i store javascript value of q1 into php variable ff? Its not working. PHP Code: