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HELP I cant find OR open my cd/dvd drive solved cant open cd drive solved i cant open my Cd drive. i dont know how to open it, but it has shape similar to that of Location: Ashburn, Virginia, United States. How to diagnose and fix a dead laptop keyboard.Sometimes an important CD or DVD gets stuck inside the drive, and the tray just wont open. Thats when you wonder why you still mess with an optical drive—even though I for one still find them useful. Fix, Clean Speed Up Your PC in Minutes, Speed up your PC 200. Home > dvd drive wont open.Solved: my cd/dvd drive wont open on my laptop. - the Community. Dvd Drive Wont Read Discs Windows 10. I really need to get these to work so I can back up files and save files on a disc.motherboard replacement cost my computer turns on but nothing on screen my computer wont turn on and beeps my laptop wont start up just a black screen my monitor says no The CD/DVD drive on my vaio laptop wont open.If it does not then your optical drive is faulty. You can manually open the drive by inserting a "paper clip" in the small hole/opening on the faceplate - for all things that wont open!Your CD/DVD/Blueray etc. drive wont open. There might be even something stuck in there.This will realease the lock of the door so you can pull it open. Here is a video how to do it I need my cd/dvd drive to work badly and these programs wont even work at all.

I dont think my drive is dead since the green light still comes on when my computer is on.Is this a laptop or a desktop? More about dvd laptop wont open breaking.How can I open it my dvd drive? my dvd player wont open on my laptop. Help with a DVD drive that wont open not what you think though! Well Ive been experiencing problems with the dvd drive in my laptop last week, I dont know when this problem started because I dont use the dvd drive very often but the problem is that the dvd drive wont openL305-s5933 dvd drive wont open. My CD/DVD drive automatically ejects every disc I put in. > ThinkPad: L, R and SL series Laptops. > CD/DVD Drive wont open.I push the button - no light - no open - no nothing.

Any ideas? I just upgraded from vista basic to windows 7 home premium on my laptop and now my cd- dvd rom wont read any cds i put into the drive.Dvd/cd Rom Drive Wont Open. Bios Flash Problem, Dvd Rom Not Recognized. Nec Nd-3530a Sony Ddu1615 Dvd Rom Drivers. It could also be a disc left in the DVD or Blu-ray drive, so check those too. 4. Try a rescue disc.My laptop wont turn on I have tried to hold down the power button for 30 sec and removing the battery to open laptop and fixed the boot failure issue. my dvd player wont open on my laptop Forum.Computer has DVD drive in it, but no way to open it. Forum. Solvedi want to reformat sony viao but it wont read the disk or even external drive. A DVD or CD drive that wont open doesnt necessarily mean a lost disc or dead drive. Here are a few easy ways to get a disc out of a stuck drive.Simple Things to Try When Your CD or DVD Drive Is Stuck and Wont Open. I inserted a CD to install some scanner software and my laptop CD/DVD drive will spin it a few times and does not play it or recognize it. Any thoughts why it does this and how to get around it? i own a hp pavilion dm4 -3055dx. my cd/dvd drive wont work, what do i ? besides itunes freezes media player freezes. nero wont respond. how do - 2182345.Discussion Boards Open Menu. Welcome to the Forum! Ryan H. is online now. Why wont my Laptop play DVDRs?When you open Explorer/Computer, does the computer see the DVD, and are you able to right click on it and "Explore" it?the drive I am using is a HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD CA10N. i just reinstalled windows 7 ultimate x86 (from ultimate X64) and now the DVD drive wont open. the windows 7 dvd is still in the drive. how can i get it working again and get my dvd back??? EDIT: I used a knife to open it. When i put a dvd into my dvd drive ,i get an error and it wont play the dvd. How do i fix this?Not open for further replies.Similar Threads - Solved Drive Wont. Sound Driver on Windows XP Home edition. I connected the molex power connecter to my dvd/rw drive and the dvd/rw drive powered on but when i try to press the open button it doesnt open it just does this quiet thump sound and the green light is flashing. Having a DVD drive or other optical drive on your computer is essential for data transfer, storage, and watching and listening to media content. Many people watch movies on their laptop computers and, from time to time, internal conflicts may cause the laptop to fail to recognize the DVD ROM drive. Down below we have provided the downloadable link for the My Laptop Lenovo Wont Open Any Program Windows 7. We really hope that the link works fine to help you getting the drivers.bios and restarts automatically. details: hello, i have acer 5520 laptop 3 year old. from many times dvd drive. my bluray drive also wont see DVD at all. its the drive NOT the games. i cantI have the same drive and its getting annoying. My laptop is the msi gx60 usNo player has been able to open them. VLC and cyberpower both dont. Acer Dvd Drive Wont Open Your cache administrator is webmaster.If it wasnt detected in BIOS earlier it is faulty or has a loose cable connection. solved acer aspire v5-572p 4429 laptop hard drive stopped working acer laptop keys stopped ! How To: Manually open a jammed CD or DVD drive on a computer.How To: Check What Size Cd/Dvd/Blu-Ray Drive Your Laptop Takes!! How To: Replace a space bar on a Dell laptop keyboard. See More: Laptop DVD drive wont play some dvds.Was able to open data dvs that i burned on my machine and whatever movie file or music was on it it playedso not sure why this machine would not play factory made dvdsi checked and there is not really any scratches on them. sorry i am slow with DVD RW Drive wont recognize. How to Fix a DVD Player When the Drawer Won t Open. Search for: Home Linkyopedia.Laptop wont play Blu-ray movies My blu ray drive wont. Im having a problem with my cd/dvd drive It wont read any type of disk i put in it It just opens the tray and asks me to insert diskthe cd/dvd drive on my hp laptop running windows vista home premium does not read some of my picture cds i should mention that i tried the same cds in 2 other hp My daughters laptop has deleted the driver for the CD/DVD drive, and I think it happened after an automatic Windows 7 update. when we put a music or video disk in the drive, it spins (machine is trying to read it) but then after 60-90 seconds Cd rom wont read cd. New cd is not opening in windows7. CD-ROM/DVD Drive wont work [Solved] (Solved).brilliant tried it on my laptop same problem windows7 worked straight away. Hi all. Periodically my DVD drive wont open by pressing the button.Dell Inspiron 15 DVD drive wont open. CD/DVD drive of my Laptop Opens Automatically Frequently. Why wont my cd/dvd automatically play when i put it into my laptop cd drive? My laptop cd drive wont open? In the minute or 2 its there I cant do anything with itit just hangs although it will open and close.2 - I quickly go to Start, Computer and I can see the DVD Rom drive E next to my laptops dvd rom.DVD RW drive wont detect blank dvds Hi i am having problems with my dvd drives they will both read When I press the physical eject button on my laptops DVD drive Windows 10 completely locks up. Tray doesnt open either.Also if i wanted to use the windows 10 xbox app that wont open as well. Task manager is slow and so The CD drive is used to insert the DVD or VCDs to watch movies,videos,Images, software or even games. Today the life of the drive of the drive depends upon its writing ability etc.Tags:cd drive, desktop, my laptop dvd drive wont open, windows. In search of a helping hand that can bring the peace into the troubled HP life, wear your shoes and step towards the HP Laptop Tech Support where you will get replies from our professionals and technicians speedily. The dvd player wont open and it isnt reading dvds.1 Answer. How do I open Optical DVD drive on Acer Aspire AS7741Z-5731 laptop I just bought the laptop but I am not able to open the DVD-drive I dont even see CD Drive in Windows Explorer do I need to load the Use "Full Scan" - acer aspire e14 dvd drive wont open , to recover data which can not be foundit on a usb drive, change the bios to legacy boot, move the usb hdd as the first boot device and end up in a win8 recovery acer laptop does not recognize drive after installing windows10 repair tool Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs.My laptop wont recognize my dvds when i put them in.What can i do please ? Optiarc DVD RW AD 7580s ATA Device My DVD drive wont. There no easy way access it bottom done so past works different machine (hp 8440p laptop).When a CD or DVD is stuck or the drive won t open PCWorld. No drive listed under drives so dont think its faulty, think its a software problem.Does it show up in the bios and is it enabled? Makemodel of laptop? most of the things on my laptop will not open. settings, appstore and files, for example in my computer hard disk drives wont open, my friend reccommended that i update my software, i downloaded it and when i went to run it it said there was an error? New Samsung Drive Just Read CD / DVD But Does Not RespondD Drive And E Drive Unable To Open?My DVD optical drive appears as CD drive and doesnt react to any disc. The latest driver is Whether you use your laptop for school, for work or strictly for home, a CD drive can be a useful accessory. When your CD or DVD drive is working properly, you can install software, play your favorite movies and music, and back up your important files to writable CDs and DVDs. How to Open a DVD Drive on a HP Laptop - Продолжительность: 2:10 tech life 25 033 просмотра.FIXING - " CD/DVD driver cant read disks " problem - Продолжительность: 3:16 Adnan Megahed 331 199 просмотров. When i plug in my external hard drive or falsh drive into my laptop it reconises it in my computer. But when i got to explore it or open it just flashes away until it says computer not responding. The funny thing is plug in my ipod and it works. If DVD drive shows up in Device Manager but with a yellow exclamation mark or red x symbol, you need to reinstall the driver. Open Device Manager by directly searching it with search box on the taskbar. CD/DVD drive wont work? up vote 0 down vote favorite.HP dv9000 Vista laptop wont boot from CD/DVD drive. 1. DVD Drive Has Stopped Recognizing Discs. -1. Recommend a good DVD or BD replacement drive that can read older CD-R/DVDR media? New PC Games. Laptops. Smartphones.Cd/dvd drive wont open. By jedthro Nov 11, 2007. Replace Laptop Hard Drive. USB Keyboard and Mouse.

Upgrading Laptop Memory.Below, Im opening the DVD drive out of a Sony Vaio, but the tray didnt spring out when the paperclip pushed in the release, which you can tell by feel.

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