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In this post, Ill offer a few solutions for mimicking a CSS image tint or semi-transparent color overlay.Just give the wrapper element a background color and on hover change the elements opacity so the color shows throughOn hover BOTH the text and tint hide, showing only the image. li a:hover text-decoration:none color.CSS help needed with list style menubar 150 frh for menubar Please CLOSE css hover My First CSS Tutorial. Change background of a DIV (no JS) How to?? ul:hover li:first-child li a color: tealTo start with you have glosaireoff.png on mark up and your are trying to apply a background image on hover using CSS. Surely, you want to change the img src to glosaireon.png when on hover and change the text colour? if thats the case you will have to use CSS3 Color Names. CSS3 Web Safe Fonts. CSS3 Aural Properties.You can use the CSS background-image property in combination with the : hover pseudo class to change the image on mouseover, like this